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The Basics

1 "The NPDES permit program, created in 1972 by the Clean Water Act (CWA), helps address water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants to waters of the United States. The permit provides two levels of control: technology-based limits and water quality-based limits (if technology-based limits are not sufficient to provide protection of the water body)". Please take the time to read and adhere to the information in the following articles to ensure that you are an environmentally concious member of our beautiful community. Don't forget to visit the official websites listed below for more information. "The collection and treatment of domestic sewage and wastewater is vital to public health and clean water. It is among the most important factors responsible for the general level of good health enjoyed in the United States. Sewers collect sewage and wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries and deliver it to wastewater treatment facilities before it is discharged to water bodies or land, or reused". Do your part and help to keep our community waterways clean and free of pollutants!

What Can I Do For Our Stormwater Management System?

Although the stormwater management system (street gutters, ponds, watersheds, outfall structures, etc.) was designed to withstand a “100-year flood/storm”, there are many factors that can contribute to the compromise of the system. The CDD has several measures in place to assist with the upkeep, but we ask that all homeowners assist to keep the water flowing properly out of Arbor Greene to prevent flooding. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do not place yard waste (including the oak leaves), recyclables, and receptacles in the road, stormwater road gutters, or on top of storm drains. These items should be placed either in the easement (usually a sodded area) next to your driveway, or in your driveway for collection.
  • Do not dump lawn clippings into any waterways, conservation lots, backyards, etc. as over time this will cause decay and a backup of the system. Again, dispose of yard waste properly.

What Are The Effects Of Stormwater Runoff?

Stormwater runoff is the transport vehicle for pollutants. Any dirt, oil, grease, fertilizer or other pollutants on the ground can be picked up by stormwater runoff and carried into the storm drains, lakes and rivers. These pollutants may include nutrients which provide food for unwanted aquatic plants like hydrilla and algae. Excessive algae growth can lead to decreased oxygen in the water that fish need to breathe, resulting in fish kills. Bacteria and other pathogens from pet waste can create serious health hazards in ponds and lakes.

What Is Illicit Or Illegal Discharge?

Any substance released into the separate storm water drainage system that is not composed entirely of stormwater or uncontaminated groundwater. Examples of illicit discharges include dumping or motor vehicle fluids, household hazardous waster, paint, pool water, grass clippings, leaf litter or animal waste.

Click any of the buttons below for more information on the corresponding topic. Thank you for taking a vested interest in the environmentality of our community as part of our dedication to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Construction Site Waste & Run-Off Regulations

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Tips

Tips For Pond Bank Erosion Prevention

EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, https://www.epa.gov/npdes/about-npdes.

EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, https://www.epa.gov/npdes/municipal-wastewater.

3 Southwest Florida Water Management District. Stormwater Systems in Your Neighborhood. Brooksville: Southwest Florida Water Management District, n.d. Print.

What should you do if you see an illicit/illegal discharge?

If you ever witness an illicit/illegal discharge that could affect our Stormwater Management System please contact the City of Tampa Stormwater Division – Illicit/Illegal Discharge (813) 274-3101, or the Arbor Greene CDD (813) 991-9226.

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